Monday, July 6, 2015

Collaberation with Dresslink

Hello lovelies,  here are the items I've received and I'm going to show how I would style them all individually.  I had written the items I would be receiving from Dresslink from my last post.  Hope you all have a great day! Here is the link to their site!

                                                           Dress: Dresslink
                                                         chain bag : H&M
                                                         Slip Ons: Skechers
                                                            Dress: Dresslink
                                                            Tube socks: Dresslink
                                                         Cardigan: H&M
                                                         Sequin crop top : Dresslink
                                                         Pencil skirt : Dresslink
                                                         Shoes: Vintage
                                                          Dress: Dresslink
                                                          Hat: H&M
                                                        Chain boots: Forever21
                                                         Coat: Forever21
                                                         Dress : Dresslink
                                                      Cutout boots: Urban Outfitters
                                                         Dress : H&M
                                                        Cat Knee highs : Dresslink
                                                         Booties: Vintage