Friday, May 16, 2014

My opinion on manscaping (

                       Hello Lovelies, I was recently contacted by to say my opinion on manscaping, and this is what I think is enough when it comes to hair on men. I think hair on the chest is fine as long as it doesn't look like a hairy rug. If it's little hair on the Chest its ok and not a bad thing at all. However if a man shaves his legs,  I don't like silky smooth legs on guys because I prefer it to be more manlier. I prefer beards on men, if you look at actors like Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith, and Tom Hiddleston, you can see how rugged and attractive beards tend to look on men.   Hairy arms is totally fine and same thing goes for the arms, that you don't have to shave them at all.  My opinion on back hair though is that it's not my thing, but hey if your women likes it, go for it :) I think hair on men is good and it depends on what you prefer if you like hair or don't like hair at all, what ever works for you and your man :) For me its' the more you look like a lumberjack the better haha  xx




  1. great post

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  2. wow it's amazing <33

  3. I think that men should be able to have as much and as little hair as the like :) but then that doesn't mean we aren't allowed our preferences ;) Hugh Jackman is a total babe! x |

    1. haha I totally agree ;) and yes he deff is :)