Saturday, November 30, 2013

And we'll never be royals

               Hello lovelies, I apologize for not posting almost for a month :O I have been pretty busy with college and also my birthday which was a week ago. I finally had time to do a blog post for you guys. I decided to wear a few of my bday gifts in this outfit, which includes the red satchel and my new favorite shoes to wear, Im in love with these shoes, they are similar to the Jeffrey Campbell's Sammy shoe. I had gotten them from Forever 21 which were on sale. Thought the red satchel gave the outfit a good pop of color as well. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving and I shall post soon again xx


            Jeffrey Campbell Sammy Shoe
                     Satchel: H&M
                        Skirt: Forever 21
                      Knee high: Vintage
                         Shoes: Forever 21
                          Ring: H&M

Friday, November 8, 2013

Drawing of me by Delilah Duong

      Hello lovelies, thought I'd share a drawing drawn by Delilah Duong. I had asked her to draw a picture of me because I love how mysterious and beautiful her drawings are. Her drawings are very unique and look like they are from some kind of Tim Burton film.  I really love this drawing and think it's beautiful, wish I actually looked like this haha. You guys should definitely check out her amazing blog called Shes one of my favorite blogs to check out daily xx