Saturday, October 19, 2013

Climbing up the walls with you

                   Hello Lovelies, I apologize for not posting for so long! It's been a busy week and on top of that I am sick with a runny nose :/ Even though I am feeling terrible, I thought I'd post a ootd post for you guys ;-) This dress is my favorite because of the patterns, it's very versatile too. I had bought it from Forever 21 a while ago and it's my favorite to put on when I want to dress nice without trying to hard. Also will be posting my Halloween costume soon, Here's a hint who I'm going to be , she's quite the fashionable rodent haha anyways have a great day!

Dress: Forever 21
Boots: Urban Outfitters
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  1. Aww i love this outfit :D so cute

    Ruth x

  2. you look as lovely as usual, i'm sorry i haven't sent you the drawing, it just i've remembered this 24st i have a very important exam so I had to study instead Y_Y will try to get back at you soon i promise!!!

  3. this is so lovely! great dress

  4. you're so beautiful! <3

  5. Such a cute dress
    S xx

  6. nice pics /;)

  7. Love the print on this dress! Hope you're feeling better :) xx

  8. Such a cute outfit and I love the boots! Hope you get better soon :) xx