Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm Alice in Wonderland

                    Hello lovelies, finally a mini break from college. So I'll have much more time to do a few posts here and there. This dress is vintage, I had bought it a while ago and it's my favorite. It reminds me of dolls and tea cups, so I thought I'd combine the two. It a perfect dress to wear to picnics at the park or dinner dates with friends , family, etc. I also combined the dress with my necklace from Forever 21, it's a necklace with a gold chain and a china doll hanging in the middle. I thought it was such a cute piece to wear with dresses.   I will be posting my college outfits soon as well so make sure you stay tune. Hope you guys have a lovely day! xx

Dress: Vintage
Shoes : Vintage
Necklace : forever 21      

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tonight I feel like neon gold

                   Hello lovelies, just a quick outfit of the day post. I have been very busy since my college starts tomorrow. I think the thing I'm going to miss the most about this vacation is sleep haha. I had decided to wear my skin tight top from  American Apparel and combine it with my long slit skirt. It ended up looking like a dress. I threw on my headband just add on accessories. Speaking of accessories I had worn this thin gold necklace. I usually don't wear gold chains but I like how thin and simple this one is. Hope you have a lovely day! xx

 Top: American Apparel
Skirt: Vintage
Headband: Forever21
Booties: JustFab                  

Friday, August 23, 2013

There's a thunder in our hearts baby

                                Hello Lovelies, the weather has been very hot and humid lately. So I've been wearing nothing but maxi dresses lately. I decided to wear my favorite black maxi because, it's easy to style and it's simple and plain which I like when it comes to maxi's. I paired the dress with my bowler hat, to give it a more summer feeling. I have also been thinking of making a post of outfits I usually wear to college, to give inspirations. I'll see if I can squeeze this in my blog, since college is coming up for me in four days eeekkk! Summer went by too fast :/

Maxi: Old Navy
Bowler: Vintage
Booties: Vintage     

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm giving you a night call to tell you how I feel

                     Hello lovelies, Ive been sick the past two days and being sick in a hot day isn't a good feeling either. I do have energy to make a outfit post fortunately. I had bought this sequin sweater around my birthday, its a melon type color with sequins around the arm area. I have been loving  pairing tights with my  open toe wedges lately, It makes me think of Alexa Chung's style. What do you guys feel about pairing tights with open toe wedges?

Sweater: Target
Skirt: Forever21
Wedges: Vinatage             

Monday, August 12, 2013

Style Crush : Nicole Richie

                                 Hello Lovelies, I wrote a few posts ago that I'd post my new style crush. It is in fact Nicole Richie, I love how she looks effortless and chic at the same time. She could go from "boho" to "girly" and it always works on her. Also I like seeing a fashionista who is as petite as me haha. Here are some of her looks.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

If I told you you were right Would you take my hand tonight?

                        Hello Lovelies, I thought I'd go casual today. I decided to wear my favorite jeans, which are from Charlotte Russe. I folded the end of my jeans to make it more different than usual. I also wore my laced top, which I had bought a while ago from forever 21. I like going casual because who doesn' being comfy and lazy once in while haha . Hope you guys have a lovely day!

Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Wedges: H&M
Rings : Vintage             

Friday, August 9, 2013

Midnight Marauders

                      Hello Lovelies, check out this online thrift store called Midnight Marauders. It has amazing vintage clothing and a lot of 90's influences.  They carry both men and women clothing, which comes in various ranges of sizes. They come in reasonable prices which is great! They have t-shirts, graphic tees, rompers, dresses, skirts , pants, and everything else you can imagine. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from their website


                                                                   make sure you check them out!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The night city grows, Look and see her eyes they glow

                      Hello Lovelies, recently I've been seeing people wearing Cat ears headbands as an accessory. I think it's really cute because it's girly and youthful. I know I sound like a crazy cat lady with my blog name and all haha. I was also inspired by an ad by H&m a few years ago, it has model Sasha on it with her wearing sequin pants. I had bought sequin pants a while ago but haven't worn it as much as I'd like to. I finally got to wear them and  thought I'd combine the two ideas with cat headbands and sequin pants. What do you guys think about cat headbands?

                                  Taylor Swift wearing cat ears in music video

                                              H&m ad with Sasha in Sequin pants
Sheer pink top: Charlotte Russe
Sequin pants: H&M
Heels: Guess
Cat Ears : Vintage