Friday, July 19, 2013

A few of my favorite things

                     Hello lovelies, I thought I'd post my outfit from a while ago which I never showed you guys. Just a few pictures of my best friends, my twin sister and my older sister. Yup I have a twin sister which you guys didn't know about, I forgot to mention I guess? It's still Ramadan so It'll take awhile till I post again. Have a lovely day! xx

                                                      My bestie next to her love haha

                                                     Me and my Twin  :-)
                                                     Me and my  older Sis


  1. Cool candid shots!
    I really like the last photo with you and your twinnie- had no idea you had a sibling c:
    Looking forward to the next blog post ^^

    1. Thanks lovely and yup I have a twinnie haha xx

  2. Such a gorgeous skirt!
    S xxx

  3. I love you'r outfit!

    Would you please check out my blog? It would mean a lot!
    Love, The Writer

  4. Lovely outfit! Haha Channing Tatum is the besttt. Cool sister photos :)