Saturday, May 11, 2013

But you've got the love I need to see me through

                Hello Lovelies, for today's outfit I wore my new melon color top from Forever 21. In the pictures they came out looking more of a perry winkle color because of the flash on my cam. I love this top because the collar area has this opening which reminded me a lot of the Miu Miu spring summer 08 show. The collars would have this opening underneath with buttons going down, which I love. I paired the top with my blue lace skirt, I love how this skirt has poof and shape. Altogether I think it was a girly look, I think I'm starting to fall in love with pink more haha. Also I had watched The Great Gatsby yesterday, and it was absolutely amazing! the movie was so much like the book and how I imagined it would be. I thought it was much better than the other version with Mia Farrow in it. Also I loved the soundtrack, I can't stop listening to Lana's "Young and Beautiful"without getting teary eyed.   What did you guys think of the movie?

                                           A few pictures of the Miu Miu Collar dresses

Top: Forever 21
Lace Skirt: Forever 21
Stocking: Vintage
Platforms: Vintage   


  1. you look lovely, such a pretty shirt!

  2. Gorgeous blouse!
    The cut out detailing is so cute
    S xx

  3. You look great!
    I love the colour of the blouse.

    Kathryn x

  4. Love the outfit especially the top !!

    Misha x