Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring Awakening

             Hello Lovelies, today actually feels like summer, it's gorgeous outside with the sun and all. So I decided to wear my Long sleeved flower printed dress from Forever 21. I had bought this a while ago but never got the chance to really wear it. I feel like it's perfect for spring/summer because the colors just pop out. I decided to wear my flats , Usually I don't tend to wear flats but I thought I'd give it a go since its so warm out and I want to walk Comfortably. Hopefully the weather will be like this from now on. What do you guys like wearing for summer?

Dress: Forever 21
Flats: Vintage       

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I got some bad habits baby but I do it all for you.

                   Hello Lovelies, I apologize for the long break from blogging, but I had so many finals to complete and study for but thankfully I'm done for now :-). I have been noticing the love for Mickey Mouse lately in fashion. It was after Marc Jacobs debuted his spring/ summer 2013 collection with the adorable sweater with Mickey on it. I really want that sweater but it cost around $1,354 and I would never pay that much for a sweater I mean O.O , So I was inspired by it, and for today's outfit I wore my Mickey Mouse sweater. Its vintage and I Love it because it's so comfy. I am wearing my black shorts underneath my sweater, if you guys were wondering haha.  Also I bought these Sneaker wedges which are from Skechers. I love them because they are really comfy and easy to walk in. It instantly makes you taller.  What do you guys think About Mickey Mouse sweaters in fashion?

                Here are a few pictures of the Marc Jacobs sweater in Fashion

Sweater: Vintage
Knee Highs: Forever 21
Sneaker Wedges: Skechers    

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Polyvore #3

 Hello Lovlies I thought I'd show you my latest looks from polyvore. Every time I visit this site, I always have the urge to purchase more new items. I guess if you can't have it all then you might as well create looks of how you would wear them :/ anyways Ill post more ootd posts soon so just bear with me :-)


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No one’s gonna take my soul away, living like Jim Morrison

                  Hello lovelies, Ive been really stressed with finals which are next week. I have exactly four finals to worry about, as soon as finals week is over I  can finally focus more on blogging :-). I thought I'd do a quick outfit post today, I wore my Harem pants again which I seem to be loving at the moment. I had worn my new necklace which is from Forever 21. I love how it has leopard prints on it, and it's simple yet classy. Hope you guys have a wonderful day! and hopefully I will get to post after next week :-}

Top: Vintage
Harem Pants: H&M
Chain Bag: H&M
Wedges: Vintage
Necklace: Forever 21     

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'd rather go and pick some of those wild strawberries

              Hello Lovelies, thought I'd do a quick outfit post for today. Today is Mother's Day and I'm taking my mother out to dinner, I decided to wear my high waisted jeans, which gave it a more casual feel.I paired them with my favorite top, which is from Forever 21. It has little roses all over and I feel like it makes any outfit into a summer look. The blue satchel is also my favorite because it makes any outfit pop, with it's bright colors. Hope all of you lovelies enjoy mother's day! :-)

Top: Forever 21
High waisted jeans: Charlotte Russe
Oxfords: Urban Outfitters
Satchel: H&M                          

Saturday, May 11, 2013

But you've got the love I need to see me through

                Hello Lovelies, for today's outfit I wore my new melon color top from Forever 21. In the pictures they came out looking more of a perry winkle color because of the flash on my cam. I love this top because the collar area has this opening which reminded me a lot of the Miu Miu spring summer 08 show. The collars would have this opening underneath with buttons going down, which I love. I paired the top with my blue lace skirt, I love how this skirt has poof and shape. Altogether I think it was a girly look, I think I'm starting to fall in love with pink more haha. Also I had watched The Great Gatsby yesterday, and it was absolutely amazing! the movie was so much like the book and how I imagined it would be. I thought it was much better than the other version with Mia Farrow in it. Also I loved the soundtrack, I can't stop listening to Lana's "Young and Beautiful"without getting teary eyed.   What did you guys think of the movie?

                                           A few pictures of the Miu Miu Collar dresses

Top: Forever 21
Lace Skirt: Forever 21
Stocking: Vintage
Platforms: Vintage   

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One day we're gonna live in Paris

                    Hello Lovelies, thought I'd show you my outfit from yesterday. I wore my polka dotted long sleeved shirt. Which is from Forever 21 and it's actually a light pink color. I like the collar details on this shirt, and the texture of the shirt is soft so its also wearable  in the summer.  Speaking of summer, I'm excited because I am  finally going to see The Great Gatsby in theaters Friday.  I absolutely love the book, and based on the trailers it looks like it's going to be really good.  Also here is a picture of my baby , his name is Seth and he some what resembles a chihuahua haha, anyways have a wonderful day!

Top: Forever 21
Faux leather pants: American Apparel
Booties: JustFab             

Sunday, May 5, 2013

In the Valley of the Dolls we sleep.

                    Hello Lovelies, For today's outfit I decided to wear my favorite pink skirt which is from H&M. I feel for summer, its better to wear light colors such as white, light pink, coral, baby blue, neon and more. I decided to pair the skirt with my white lace crop top from forever 21. I thought the two colors went so well together. I was actually inspired by the look from Jil Sander. I thought the pink went real nice with a white top. Although the Jil Sander look has a darker skirt, I thought I'd make my own version of it :-) Also the sunglasses are my new favorite, they are from Karl Lagerfeld. I was pleased because I love him as a designer , they were my moms but she gave it to me fortunately.

                                                   Chanel Iman in Jil Sander
                                            Dree hemingway in Jil Sander
Lace Top: Forever 21
Pink Skirt: H&m
Platforms: Vintage
Sunglasses: Karl Lagerfeld        

Thursday, May 2, 2013

too proud for love, with eyes shut it's you i'm thinkin of

                    Hello lovelies, it's been amazing out lately finally. So I decided to wear my Harem pants from H&M.I love these pants because, it's really comfortable. It feels like pajama pants. I paired it with my sheer pink top, which came out looking white in these pictures unfortunately. Since summer has arrived I have been wanting to buy a lot of skirts and crop tops. I'm trying not to spend so much, but it's really hard when there are so many things on your wishlist haha  What are your favorite summer trends?

Harem Pants: H&M
Wedges: H&M
Sheer top: Thrift shop
Satchel: vintage