Friday, March 8, 2013

Mini Haul from Forever 21

                      Hello Lovelies, sorry for not posting for a while, been busy with Uni work. I thought I'd show you my recent purchases from Forever 21. I had ordered these items 2 weeks ago but it took soo long to come, fortunately I got them yesterday. The Jacket I purchased is a Duo tone Motto jacket, it was originally $39 but it was 15 % off , so it ended up being 20 something. The skirt is a pleated faux leather A- line skirt. It was $22.80, and I had to have it because Ive been looking for leather pleated skirts everywhere.  The tights are basket weaved tights, they are very thick , so it's good for the winter time. It was $3.99. I decided to buy some accessory as well, I ended up buying the  Beaded Macraméé Headwrap. It was in the color cream, and it was $3.80.  Just a few items I had purchased from forever 21. I will soon be posting more outfit posts! bare with me, it has been freezing out, with rain and snow. Summer needs to arrive soon!