Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feel so high I come alive I need to be free with you tonight

           Hello Lovelies, for today's outfit I decided to wear my denim shirt from Urban Outfitters. Ive been obsessing over Denim for a while. It reminds me of the 90s, and it also looks great with pretty much anything. I decided to pair them with my latex pants from American Apparel.  I'm also pleased because, its been warmer out lately this few days, so that's a plus. Unfortunately the denim looks too bright on these pics, because of the flash on the camera. I have yet to buy a better and new camera sighh

Denim shirt: Urban Outfitters
Latex Pants: American Apparel
Chain bag: Alice box guess Bag
Oxford shoes: Forever 21


  1. Love those pants! You look very pretty :)

  2. Rock it girl! I always liked American Apparel's Latex pants.
    90's kid here c:

    1. haha Thanks hun! and I'm a 90's baby as well ;]