Friday, March 29, 2013

Cherry Tells Me Some Things I Don’t Want To Know

                         Hello Lovelies, For today's outfit I was inspired by a look I had seen on tumblr. I thought it would be a very fun and interesting look to try. I decided to wear my faux fur sweater , which isn't actually made of fur, it feels like it's made of yarn actually. I love it for winter especially because, it is very warm and comfy. So I tend to wear it more in the winter time than summer. Also I will do a post on headbands soon, mostly hippie headbands. They are my favorite at the moment. How do you guys feel about them? I love wearing them mostly during the summer time, It would probably look odd during winter since it tends to be really windy :/

Sweater: Forever 21
Skirt: thrift shop
Boots: JustFab
Sunglasses: Vintage

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I’m ready to fall into the sky. I see now, the reason why.

                    Hello Lovelies, I'm pleased to say it's been warmer out these couple of days. Thought I would do a quick outfit post of what I wore yesterday. I decided to wear My leopard top which is from a shop I can't seem to remember. It's vintage and I love it because, I love anything that has leopard prints on them. I paired it with my pleated skirt. I decided to wear my guess heels, makes me feel very tall haha. Also thought I'd post a few picture from the city yesterday.

    This was taken in the city, in Macys. Its all made up of flowers, it was much more beautiful in person.
   My friend thought the flower head band looked nice, it reminds me of Lana del Rey haha
    These were the costumes from the Victoria Secret Show this year , in the Victoria Secret store in the city.

Top: Vintage
Skirt: Forever 21
Heels: Guess
Chain Bag: H&M

Monday, March 25, 2013

Your skin so golden brown Be young, be dope, be proud

                  Hello Lovelies, it's finally spring break so I will hopefully will have more outfit posts. Unfortunately it's raining today, I feel like this weather is very bipolar.  Anyways, for today's outfit I wore my new sheer top which was my sisters, but she gave it to me. I really liked it , so I decided to keep it. It's black and very light, which is perfect for the summer time. The skirt was from forever 21, it's my favorite because it makes any outfit fit into summer ensemble . Also the satchel bag I have here is from a thrift shop. I love the color, I'm not usually a fan of green unless it's the emerald green, but this color was an exception. I really like it, and it pretty much goes with anything to my surprise.

Top: Sister's
Skirt: Forever 21
 Satchel Bag: Thrift shop
Shoes: JustFab

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

you've applied the pressure To have me crystallized

                           Hello Lovelies, for today's outfit I was inspired by music festivals. I really want to go to a  music festival or concert such as Coachella, and just listen to all of my favorite bands sigh.  The studded crop is vintage  and it's very light, so I like wearing it in the summer time a lot.  There is little studded details on the sleeve, which I love. I have been obsessing over long maxi like skirts, I want to buy more in different types of colors like pink, red and white.  Also next week is spring break , which I'm excited about. Hopefully the weather cooperates, it didn't look too good yesterday, with the rain and snow but it looks warmer today so I hope something is changing! I just recently joined Bloglovin, as I said in my previous post , so if you guys have one make sure to follow and I follow back!


Crop Top: Vintage
long skirt: Thrift shop
Bag: Vinatge
Wedges: Aldo
Beanie: Dad's


              Hello Lovelies, as all of you must of heard GFC might be closing down. Im not to happy about that :/  So I have decided join Bloglovin, Make sure to follow and Ill follow back! and I am following all of my followers by importing them from Google reader.  Have a wonderful day! xoxo Ayesha

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Style Crush: Xiao Wen Ju

                 Hello lovelies, For today's post I thought Id post my style crush at the moment. It's Xiao Wen Ju, she is a model and I love her style. Its very  versatile and cool. She is also the it girl at the moment when it comes to style.  I also love how she layers every piece together. Just a quick post of my current inspirations.
I will post ootd posts soon, so keep Ill keep you posted :]



Friday, March 15, 2013

Come catch a cloud babe, Don’t let me fade away

         Hello lovelies, this outfit was actually from a day ago. I really like this outfit, it's very simple and wearable. I decided wear my chunky grey sweater from Forever 21, it's one my favorite go to sweaters during the winter time. I paired them with my high waisted black shorts. I'm excited that spring break is coming up, Ill try to post a lot during that week, and hopefully it will be much warmer


        Grey sweater: Forever 21
      Shorts: Old Navy
       Booties: JustFab
     Chain bag: H&M                        


Monday, March 11, 2013

How does it sound if we spend the night out?

          Hello lovelies, thought I would do a quick outfit post. As I said on my haul, I had purchased this Duo tone motto jacket from Forever 21. I absolutely love it, it reminds me of the trench coats and jackets from the Spring 2011 Burberry show. Also I really like the material of the leather. Probably won't be able to post for awhile because, I have soo much Uni work to do but I'll try hopefully. It was only warm for 2 days, not pleased that its going to rain again tomorrow. I personally hate the rain, it makes my hair soo frizzy and messy :/

         Here are a few pictures of Burberry, I thought reminded me of this duo tone motto jacket, I found   them online,

        The t-shirt I was wearing, I love the drawings it reminds me of vogue during the 50's
Jacket: Forever 21
T shrt: Vintage
Black Jeans: GAP
Booties: JustFab