Thursday, January 24, 2013

My eyes are wide like cherry pies

      Hello Lovelies!  I'm new to this whole blogging thing, and I've always wanted to make one. So I have finally decided to make this blog, so hopefully you enjoy my love for fashion as much as I do.This is the outfit I had decided to wear today, I was inspired by the grunge type looks I've been seeing lately on tumblr and lookbook. I had gotten the beanie from my dad, hopefully he doesn't mind me keeping it ha ha. I had paired my jeans jacket with my lace pink top, which I felt gave a girly touch. The black shorts are great , I feel like you can pair them with anything. I have been into knee-highs lately and I had actually made them myself. I had gotten old pair of stockings which did not fit me, so I decided to cut it into knee highs.

My main goal for this blog, is to share my outfits of the day and also just to share personal experiences as well.

 Beanie: Dad's
Jeans Jacket: vintage
Lace top: Forever21
 High waisted Shorts: Old Navy
Knee highs: DIY
combat boots:  Aldo


  1. Lovely boots and your hair are amazing!

    Maybe we could follow each others blogs? :)