Thursday, January 31, 2013

You don't know trust me boy,you wanna be high for this

                Hello Lovelies sorry for the late post, I have been busy with Uni this whole week. I managed to squeeze in a outfit post for today, I decided to wear this Varsity Jacket I got from Forever21. It's one of my favorites, and it goes with anything I pair it with fortunately. These Tight latex pants I got from American Apparel are amazing as well, they are very tight as you can see haha, but very comfortable. I feel this is a nice look for rainy days when I want to dress laid back.


 Ive been obsessing over jackets, and trench coats for a while here is a pic I got from Tumblr and I want all of them

Varsity Jacket: Forever21
Leather pants: American Apparel
White shirt: vintage
Wedges: DSW

Sunday, January 27, 2013

This month's Inspiration

                  Hello Lovelies here are some pictures I got from  Tumblr, that have inspired me based on style, hair, shoes, and make up.

              Those are just a few pictures that have inspired me, What has been inspiring you lovelies?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Here I am a rabbit hearted girl, Frozen in the headlights

              Hello Lovelies I had time to squeeze in a outfit post for today, I decided to wear a crop top. I bought it from H&M and its lovely! I wanted one in the color black but, couldn't find one unfortunately. I love any tops that fit tightly, especially crop tops because they fit well into any season, whether it's fall or summer. I decided to pair the crop top with this floral skirt which is from Forever21.  I'm in love with high waisted skirts as well, one in particular that I'm dying to have is a black pleated skirt. I will post my wishlist soon, I'm hoping to save enough money to buy a black bodysuit, black pleated skirt,a Burberry look alike trench coat and maybe a new cam. ahhh I have to stop spending soo much first.

Crop top:H&M
skirt: Forever21
knee highs: DIY
Brogues: Urban Outfitters
Chain bag: Steve Madden      


Friday, January 25, 2013

She's not your queen anymore, queen of the highway

          Hello Lovelies! I am so in love with this bag from Guess called The Alice Box Bag. It's amazing, it goes with any kind of outfit. I really love the long chain for the handle, I'm a little obsessed with chain bags at the moment. I decided to pair it with my favorite pullover with reindeer's on them. This sweater reminds me of winter, so I thought I should definitely wear it today. It has been freezing out let's not forget haha. I also love these oxford shoes , they are from forever21 and I just had to have them! How do you guys feel about oxfords? I personally love them



Pullover: Forever21
Shorts: Old Navy
Knee Highs: DIY
Oxford Shoes: Forever21
Bag: Alice Box Bag Guess

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My eyes are wide like cherry pies

      Hello Lovelies!  I'm new to this whole blogging thing, and I've always wanted to make one. So I have finally decided to make this blog, so hopefully you enjoy my love for fashion as much as I do.This is the outfit I had decided to wear today, I was inspired by the grunge type looks I've been seeing lately on tumblr and lookbook. I had gotten the beanie from my dad, hopefully he doesn't mind me keeping it ha ha. I had paired my jeans jacket with my lace pink top, which I felt gave a girly touch. The black shorts are great , I feel like you can pair them with anything. I have been into knee-highs lately and I had actually made them myself. I had gotten old pair of stockings which did not fit me, so I decided to cut it into knee highs.

My main goal for this blog, is to share my outfits of the day and also just to share personal experiences as well.

 Beanie: Dad's
Jeans Jacket: vintage
Lace top: Forever21
 High waisted Shorts: Old Navy
Knee highs: DIY
combat boots:  Aldo